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The New Standard in Adhesion and Cohesion Testing

Adhesive and tensile strength of composite materials, multi-layer films and bonded parts are determined by the LUMiFrac without sample clamping more

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  • New approach to measuring stickiness could aid micro-device design

    Brown University engineers have devised a new method of measuring the stickiness of micro-scale surfaces. The technique could be useful in designing and building micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), devices with microscopic moving parts. At the scale of bridges or buildings, the most important f more

  • 3-D printing improves cell adhesion and strength of PDMS polymer

    Combining two different polymer forms can switch manufacturing of silicone parts from molding, casting and spin coating of simple forms to 3-D printing of complex geometries with better mechanical characteristics and better biological adhesion, according to a team of Penn State researchers. "So far, more

  • New insights into underwater adhesives

    A Korean research team, affiliated with UNIST has presented a new type of underwater adhesives that are tougher than the natural biological glues that mussels normally use to adhere to rocks, ships, and larger sea critters. This has attracted much attention as a technology that surpass the limits of more

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  • Bearing grease selection

    Rolling-element bearings are used for the precise guidance of moving parts. Frictional losses are extremely small because the bearings rest on rolling elements, enabling very heavy loads to be adsorbed. Rolling-element bearings may be lubricated with more

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27-06 – 29-06
Newburgh, US

Short course on the Chemistry, Physics and Mechanics of Surface Science and Adhesion

The Seminar by Anton Paar takes place in Newburgh, NY.

Bristol, GB

Surface tension seminar

Seminar content - Fundamentals and applications of tensiometry - Static and dynamic methods for measuring surface and interfacial tension of liquids - Demonstration of methods described in lectures - Example applications from research and development presented by guest speakers - Determination of p

Bristol, GB

Contact angle seminar

Seminar content - Theoretical introduction to contact angle, surface free energy and adhesion - Illustration of how contact angle, surface free energy and adhesion are related - Detailed explanation of various measurement techniques - Presentation of application cases and solutions - Demonstration

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  • Staying power

    Geoscientists, biologists and chemists at the University of Tübingen are working in collaboration with IFAM (Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials in Bremen, Germany) to uncover the workings of insect surface adhesion. The goal of this project is the synthesis of an adhesive based on insect secretions. more



Adhesion drops adhering to a spider web For the medical condition see Adhesion (medicine) Adhesion is the molecular attraction exerted between bodies in contact. Mechanisms of adhesion causes water to form drops , surface tension causes ... more


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