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Prelithiation strategy enhances battery performance at low temperatures


When it is cold in winter, cars tend to have starting problems. This is not much better with electric cars, which inevitably lose capacity of their rechargeable lithium-ion batteries at freezing temperatures. Now, Chinese scientists have offered a strategy to avoid plunging battery kinetics. In a ...


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How To Draw Electricity from the Bloodstream

A one-dimensional fluidic nanogenerator with a high power-conversion efficiency


Men build dams and huge turbines to turn the energy of waterfalls and tides into electricity. To produce hydropower on a much smaller scale, Chinese scientists have now developed a lightweight power generator based on carbon nanotube fibers suitable to convert even the energy of flowing blood in ...


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Proteins: New class of materials discovered


Scientists at the Helmholtz Center Berlin (HZB) along with researchers at China’s Fudan University have characterized a new class of materials called protein crystalline frameworks (PCFs). Thanks to certain helper substances, in PCFs proteins are fixated in a way so as to align themselves ...


BASF and top Asian universities establish joint research network


BASF has established the research initiative “Network for Advanced Materials Open Research” (NAO) together with seven leading universities and research institutes in China, Japan and South Korea. The scientists aim to cooperate in developing new materials for a wide range of applications. The ...


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Chemoselective reduction with non-flammable gold catalyst


Yong Cao and colleagues from Fudan University, Shanghai, have discovered that the non-flammable Au/TiO2 demonstrates great potential for catalytic transfer hydrogenation. Traditionally this transformation relies on the use of homogeneous transition metal complexes, which are not very practical, ...


'Rocks-in-forest' catalyst supports


A new type of catalyst support has been designed by Yi Tang, Hualong Xu and co-workers at Fudan University in Shanghai, China. They embedded silver-based microparticle catalysts in silicon nanowire arrays. The Si nanowire arrays not only provide a barrier to the possibility of agglomeration of ...


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