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Oxea Plans to Substantially Expand Production Capabilities for Carboxylic Acids


In view of the surging demand, the global chemical company Oxea plans to significantly expand its supply of carboxylic acids in the short to medium term. To this end, the company is already evaluating various strategic options for its worldwide production sites to be able to reliably meet global ...


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Turning metal catalysis on its head for a sustainable future


The uncertain future of oil feedstocks and environmental pressure are forcing the chemical industry to adapt and find new renewable sources to sustain its activities. Biomass from sources including wood, agricultural waste, and even human garbage, represents a widely available renewable feedstock ...


Oxea Announces Price Increase for Carboxylic Acids in Europe


Oxea Announces Price Increase for 2-Etyhlhexanoic acid, Isononanoic acid, n-Butyric acid, Isobutyric acid, Propionic acid, and Heptanoic acid in Europe. Oxea will increase list and off-list prices on the following products effective April 1, 2017, or as contracts allow for ...


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Discovery of sunlight-driven organic chemistry on water surfaces


Fatty acids found on the surface of water droplets react with sunlight to form organic molecules, a new study reports, essentially uncovering a previously unknown form of photolysis. The results could affect models that account for aerosol particles, including models related to ...


Oxea Announces Price Increases for Carboxylic Acids


Oxea will increase list and off-list prices on the following products effective October 1, 2014, or as contracts allow. North America Europe South & Central America, Asia, Africa, Middle East Product USD/lb EUR/to USD/to n-Heptanoic ...


New: An environmentally friendly chemical reaction that does not waste any atoms


In the Research Group of Nuno Maulide, a chemist working at the University of Vienna, a new chemical synthesis forα-arylated Carbonyl derivatives was developed. Members of this class of substances typically possess interesting biological and pharmacological properties and often find applications ...


Oxea announces price increase for carboxylic acids


Oxea will increase list and off-list prices on the following product effective January 1, 2014, or as contracts allow: Product North America USD/lb Europe EUR/mt ROW* USD/mt 2-Ethylhexanoic acid 0.05 - 100 n-Valeric acid 0.08 130 170 * ROW = rest of the ...


Oxea announces price increases for carboxylic acids


Oxea will increase list and off-list prices on the products below effective October 1, 2013, or as contracts allow: Europe Middle East / Africa Asia Product EUR/to USD/to USD/to n-Butyric Acid 75 100 100 Isobutyric Acid 75 100 100 2-Ethylhexanoic ...


Oxea delivers first carboxylic acids produced at its new plant


Oxea announced that it successfully commenced operations at its new state-of-the-art plant for the production of carboxylic acids in Oberhausen, Germany. This new facility will boost Oxea’s global carboxylic acid production capacity by around 40 percent. It was completed after a construction ...


Oxea completes new carboxylic acids production plant


Oxea has mechanically completed its new carboxylic acids plant in Oberhausen, Germany. After a construction period of fifteen months, work is now underway to prepare for the start of operations. Oxea expects the new state-of-the-art plant to go on stream soon and be able to manufacture products ...


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