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  • A dream of foam

    Oktoberfest in Munich is an exciting cultural event, but it is also a source of inspiration for materials scientists and engineers. Not the beer itself, but rather the beer foam is a source of inspiration. A good head of foam -- generally measuring about 1.5 cm and containing an impressive 1,500,000 more

  • BASF increases prices for additives for plastic applications as well as for coating applications

    Effective today, or as contracts allow, BASF is increasing prices for the majority of products in its additives and stabilizers portfolio for plastic applications as well as for several light stabilizers for coating applications by up to 10%. Price increases will apply to the following product class more

  • Profound changes on the market for stabilizers

    Stabilizers are indispensable additives in the production and processing of many plastics and elastomers. Heat and light stabilizers ensure safe processing and protect products against premature aging and weathering. Especially in the manufacturing of products made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), sta more

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HP DSC – Material Characterization at Elevated Pressures

HP DSC is widely used in many different industries such as the chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, plastics, paints and adhesives, electronics, and food industries and in academia. Why use HP DSC?Increased pressure influences all physical changes and chemical reactions in which a change in volu


OIT Measurements by Thermal Analysis

OIT measurements determine the oxidative stability of oils, polymers and foods. OIT techniques are thus frequently employed for process development and quality control.How oxidation affects materialsOxidation is the reaction between a substance or material and oxygen. The oxidation of materials can

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