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Estonian Chemical Society

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12618 Tallinn

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The Estonian Chemists?s Society (ECS) was founded by three Estonian chemists in 1919 soon after Estonia gained its independence. It was the first scientific society formed in independent Estonia. The Society has played an active role in organizing and promoting the interests of Estonian chemists and chemical engineers. ECS sponsors the Estonian Chemistry Conferences, which are held annually. The Society's committees have expanded the present modern Estonian chemical terminology (English-Estonian-Russian Dictionary of Chemistry, 1998, 703 pages), and the Society has also played an active role in promoting environmentally sustainable technology. The Society maintains close relations with Finnish Chemical Society and American Chemical Society. Thr foreign members of ECS include several outstanding scientists (Prof. Lauri Vaska - USA, Prof. Lauri Niinistö - Finland). ECS is a member of the Federation of European Chemical Societies and European Federation of Chemical Engineering. ECS is registered in the Estonian Academy of Sciences

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