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IEC Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components (IECQ)

3 rue de Varembé
1211 Geneva

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IECQ has 20 years' experience as IEC's certification programme for electronic components, processes and related materials. In 2003, the European counterpart CECC, merged into IECQ, bringing with it the CECC Mark (left). This Mark is used under IECQ by agreement between the IEC and CENELEC, which owns the Mark. Recently, the IECQ has moved into process management certification for electronic components used in aerospace. Today it is expanding into process management certification for electrical and electronic components and products that comply with requirements for the restriction of hazardous substances. IECQ is the abbreviated name for the IEC Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components. The abbreviations "IECQ-CECC" and "CECC" continue to be valid on certificates already issued. IECQ's Mission IECQ provides visibility and independent verification that electronic components and related materials and processes, including those below the user's level of specification in the supply chain, are compliant to appropriate standards, specifications or other documents.

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    Worlwide lead-free certification for electronics launched by IECQ

    With legislation in the US on hazardous substances, including lead, in electronics already in place, and similar laws set to take effect in China and Europe shortly, how can electrical and electronic manufacturers be sure that their products meet the new limits being set? A new specificat ... more

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