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Vinyl Acetate Council (VAC)

Washington D.C.

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The Vinyl Acetate Council (VAC) represents North American manufactures and major processors of vinyl acetate monomer. VAC is dedicated to promoting the safe and continued use of vinyl acetate and vinyl acetate-based products. The Vinyl Acetate Council was formed in 1994 and was previously known as the Vinyl Acetate Toxicology Group (VATG). VAC coordinates activities with the European Acetyls Sector Group, which represents the European producers of vinyl acetate.

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    Updated Vinyl Acetate Handling Guide

    The Vinyl Acetate Council (VAC) has released an update of its "Vinyl Acetate Safe Handling Guide." The Guide is now available in six languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian) and Spanish (Latin American). VAC last released the Guide in October 2002. After significa ... more

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