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Canadian Chemical Producers' Association

Suite 805, 350 Sparks Street
K1R 7S8 Ottawa

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The Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (formerly the Canadian Chemical Producers' Association - CCPA) is the voice of Canada's business of chemistry. The Association represents over 50 companies and Responsible Care® partners ranging from five to 5,000 employees that operate in the chemistry industry. Member companies are responsible for some 200 sites across the country that produce basic chemicals and resins for manufacturing processes, as well as provide technology, services, marketing and research and development for chemical products. The chemistry industry is positioned at the crossroads between Canada's resource base - including mining, forestry, agriculture and oil and gas - and Canada's manufacturers, including the food and beverage sector, construction, plastics and rubbers, textiles and clothing, electrical and electronics and transportation equipment. Together, the companies of the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada generate revenues of more than $26 billion annually, accounting for the majority of operations in Canada.

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    Introducing the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada

    The Canadian Chemical Producers' Association has reinvented itself as the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada, to reflect the changing face of the chemistry sector and its renewed commitment to environmental sustainability. This is the biggest change in the Association's history. In a ... more

    Canadian chemical sales increase by 10% to $29 billion in 2006

    Overall sales of Canadian basic chemicals and resins increased by 10% in 2006 to $29 billion. Export sales, which represent over two-thirds of total industry sales, were up 6%. Sales to US markets were also up by 6% as were exports to offshore markets. The 2006 estimates are based on Statis ... more

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