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Atomic Layer Deposition

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SALD BV, Netherlands

SALD, the innovator in Spatial ALD technology Atomic layer deposition (ALD) is a technology that produces very thin, conformal films with control of thickness and composition at atomic level. ALD is best known for the production of computer chips. The disadvantage is that it works slowly; each laye more

Forge Nano Inc., USA

Forge Nano is a global leader in precision ALD nano-coating technology, driving improvement on a daily basis to create innovative materials solutions and more efficient, sustainable products. more

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New Multi-Liter Hydrogen generator by VICI DBS

Central hydrogen supply for your laboratory ✓ More safety: avoidance of gas cylinders in the laboratory ✓ Excellent hydrogen quality up to 99.9995% ✓ more

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  • Electronic skin: multisensory hybrid material

    The “smart skin” developed by Anna Maria Coclite is very similar to human skin. It senses pressure, humidity and temperature simultaneously and produces electronic signals. More sensitive robots or more intelligent prostheses are thus conceivable. The skin is the largest sensory organ and at the sam more

  • A sieve for molecules

    Scientists have long tried to use graphene, which is composed of carbon, as a kind of sieve. But this material doesn’t have any pores. Now, a team has found an alternative material which comes with pores from the outset. Researchers from Bielefeld, Bochum and Yale have succeeded in producing a layer more

  • Machine learning deployed to fast-track industrial optimization process

    An interdisciplinary team of researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, the Technical University of Munich, and Robert Bosch GmbH deploy Bayesian Machine Learning methods to fast-track the optimization process of coating copper more

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Atomic layer deposition

Atomic layer deposition Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) is a gas phase chemical process used to create extremely thin coatings. The majority of ALD reactions use two chemicals, typically called s. These precursors react with a surface one-at-a-tim ... more


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