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FLEXI-FLOW Compact series by Bronkhorst High-Tech

Extended series sets new standards for gas flow control

Precision, versatility and efficiency with compact multifunctional mass flow technology

New, lower flow ranges down to 0-5 mln/min ✓ Integrated Ethernet communication for digital data transfer ✓ Simplified installation, safety shut-off, pressure and temperature output ✓...

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FLEXI-FLOW™ by Bronkhorst High-Tech

Ultra-compact gas flow meter with superior accuracy

Ingenious: measure flow, temperature and pressure in the same device

Multi-parameter measurement: flow, temperature, and pressure in one instrument ✓ Superior accuracy through onboard gas database and real time conversion ✓ Adaptable to many applications through wide dynamic range of measurement and control ✓...

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ES-FLOW by Bronkhorst High-Tech

Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Very Small Flow Rates

Independent of Liquid Properties

Switch fluids without conversion or recalibration ✓ Suitable for hygienic applications ✓ Compact dosing solutions available ✓...

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EL-FLOW Prestige by Bronkhorst High-Tech

Flexible, Precise Gas Dosing for Your Process

Experience the advantages of our EL-FLOW Prestige MFC

EL-FLOW® Prestige Mass Flow Controller, world’s most versatile Mass Flow Controller for Gases, can now be equipped with an on-board pressure sensor...

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