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Calcium Chloride

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Merck, Germany

The Life Science business unit of Merck supplies products for research, analytical and clinical laboratories in a wide variety of industries. We are one of the leading suppliers of laboratory chemicals, lab water equipment and consumables. For inorganic chemistry, we offer reagents, reference materi more

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  • A recipe for concrete that can withstand road salt deterioration

    Road salt, used in copious helpings each winter to protect them from ice and preserve safe driving conditions, is slowly degrading the concrete they're made of. Engineers have known for some time that calcium chloride salt, commonly used as deicer, reacts with the calcium hydroxide in concrete to fo more

  • Better eco-efficiency of formates in gas drilling

    Using cesium and potassium formates in completion fluids that stabilize boreholes in gas production is more eco-efficient than the application of brines based on zinc bromide, calcium bromide and calcium chloride. This is the result of an eco-efficiency analysis performed by BASF. Formates are salts more

  • Progress toward artificial tissue?

    For modern implants and the growth of artificial tissue and organs, it is important to generate materials with characteristics that closely emulate nature. However, the tissue in our bodies has a combination of traits that are very hard to recreate in synthetic materials: It is both soft and very to more

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The Chemistry of Cocktail Spherification

Here’s the second in the series of graphics I’ve produced for my Pint of Science event at La Raza Cambridge (UK) in a few weeks’ time. Today’s graphic looks at how chemistry can help to make caviar and spheres in cocktails, and the chemical agents used to do it. more

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Calcium chloride

Calcium chloride Calcium chloride (CaCl2) is an ionic compound of calcium and chlorine . It is highly soluble in water and it is deliquescent . It is a salt that is solid at room temperature, and it behaves as a typical ion ic halide . It h ... more


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