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  • Cerium sidelines silver to make drug precursor

    Save your silver! It's better used for jewelry than as a catalyst for drugs. Rice University scientists have developed a greatly simplified method to make fluoroketones, precursors for drug design and manufacture that typically require a silver catalyst. Rice chemist Julian West and graduate student more

  • High-performance single-atom catalysts for high-temperature fuel cells

    Unlike secondary batteries that need to be recharged, fuel cells are a type of eco-friendly power generation systems that produce electricity directly from electrochemical reactions using hydrogen as fuel and oxygen as oxidant. There are various types of fuel cells, differing in operating temperatur more

  • Metal with unusual properties

    A Chinese-German research cooperation involving the University of Augsburg has demonstrated properties in a metal that cannot be explained by the standard theory. The results were obtained on a special metallic compound with unusual magnetic characteristics – scientists call it mag-netic frustration more

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The sparks will fly as The Professor discusses element number 58. more

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The Lanthanides

This graphic looks at the elements known as the lanthanides – the ones stranded at the bottom of the periodic table, along with the actinides. For a group of elements that doesn’t really get much attention in chemistry teaching until at least undergraduate level, their applications are remarkably wi more

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Cerium Cerium () is a chemical element with the symbol Ce and atomic number 58. Notable characteristics Cerium is a silvery metal, belonging to the lanthanide group. It resembles iron in colo ... more


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