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Riol Chemie GmbH, Germany

We distribute chemicals, reagents, deactivation agents and many more. You have the choice within more then 40.000 products, delivered from the Russian Federation and countries like China, India and Japan. more

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  • Was the secret spice in primal gene soup a thickener?

    The original recipe for gene soup may have been simple -- rain, a jumble of common molecules, warm sunshine, and nighttime cooling. Then add a pinch of thickener. The last ingredient may have helped gene-like strands to copy themselves in puddles for the first time ever, billions of years ago when E more

  • New technology for safer solvents

    A new facility that will revolutionise the industrial processes of electropolishing, metal oxide processing and electroplating - the pioneering Ionics Liquid Demonstrator - has been launched at the University of Leicester. The development of this multi-application pilot plant facility has been carr more

  • Taminco reaches agreement with Akzo Nobel

    Taminco has signed an agreement with Akzo Nobel to acquire its majority share of their Joint Venture in China for the production of choline chloride liquid and choline chloride on carrier at Yixing. Akzo Nobel and Taminco expect the share purchase to be completed by the end of June. "This transacti more

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