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Nilfisk GmbH, Germany

Nilfisk – Dedicated vacuum solutions for health, safety and productivity Let us help you attain safety, hygiene, automation and product quality in pharmaceutical production Of all the product sectors that Nilfisk operates in, pharmaceuticals is certainly the most demanding. Standards of hygiene, s more

Merck, Germany

The Lab Solutions business unit of Merck Millipore supplies products for research, analytical and clinical laboratories in a wide variety of industries. We are one of the leading suppliers of laboratory chemicals, lab water equipment and consumables. For inorganic chemistry, we offer reagents, refer more


BRAND is an independent family business headquartered in Germany with close to 70 years of experience and a trusted partner and reference in the lab. Researchers and lab professionals around the world work with BRAND products in the life sciences, pharma, chemistry and process analytics. The premiu more

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Sustainable cleaning of pipes

To restore quickly optimal production conditions, Ruland offers up-to-date cleaning processes and CIP systems, tailored to individual requirements more

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  • Multiyear Tracking of Atmospheric Radicals

    Hydroxyl radicals (OH) keep our atmosphere clean. They react away toxic gases such as carbon monoxide (CO), and slow climate warming by removing greenhouse gases like methane (CH4). In some parts of the atmosphere, chlorine radicals (Cl) can also help this purification process, for example in the st more

  • BfR brochure on the risks of poisoning for children has been published in Turkish

    What to do when a child has accidentally drunk washing-up liquid or a drain cleaner? What to do to ensure that this doesn’t happen in the first place? Well-meant advice such as "Drink milk" or "Induce vomiting" can have a severe effect on health under certain circumstances. Poisoning accidents must more

  • Power plant waste to be used to clean up Gulf oil spill

    Specially treated waste material from electric power plants will soon be used to clean up oil in the Gulf thanks to the ingenuity of a University of Central Florida professor. The National Science Foundation awarded Sudipta Seal a $67,000 grant that will help the professor turn waste material, comm more

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Whitening the Taj Mahal

Pollution is yellowing the Taj Mahal - but scientists are treating it with something called Fuller's Earth. more

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