Lumartix SA


Lumartix is a Swiss company founded in 2010 by the twin brothers Andreas & Toby Meyer, Laurent Calame and Gilles Courret. The headquarters are located in Aubonne, facing lake Geneva and the Alps. This beautiful and natural landscape has always been an inspiration for clean technology light sources. The origins of the company belong to the pioneering discovery of a next generation of plasma lamps at the High School of Business and Engineering Vaud in Yverdon-les-Bains (HEIG-VD, Pr. Mirko CROCI). This scientific breakthrough enabled the feasibility of innovative plasma lamp with unparalleled features. Lumartix was the first startup company to acquire the capability to stop rotation of plasma lamp bulb, with the aim to bring this invention to an industrial level. To do so, Lumartix' high-end scientific and technological expertise is divided into two activities: Plasma lamps components and complete turn-key solutions.