About Kemialytics

Kemialytics' mission is to provide digital solutions for analytical chemistry. The company offers its Kemialytics Cloud, an integrated data management platform, as well as services such as digitization of documents and literature research and evaluation.

Kemialytics Cloud This cloud platform is a tool for development, integration and administration of analytical methods across several laboratories in a company, but also in collaboration with external partners. Streamlined project management, data handling and one-stop communication result in significantly improved workflow and time and cost savings.

Digitization As a service, Kemialytics offers digitization of existing data and documents and their integration into the Kemialytics Cloud.

Literature Review and Evaluation Kemialytics conducts patent and literature research and evaluation in the field of analytical chemistry. Data and relevant findings are aggregated in a summary report which also outlines recommendations for new development projects. Depending on the question, such a summary report will be completed within three to five working days.

Facts about Kemialytics
  • Founding: 2016
  • Focus : Service
  • Industry : Laboratory analysis / Laboratory measurement technology

Product portfolio of Kemialytics

Product portfolio

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