Kemialytics GmbH

The Future of Digital Chemistry


Founded in 2016 Kemialytics’ mission is to provide digital solutions for analytical chemistry. Kemialytics has created a platform for analytical chemists to develop, store, manage and collaborate on analytical methods. The platform profits from a unique combination of our founders’ professional chemistry background and the technical knowhow of software partner Peakfactor GmbH. Many companies in the field of analytical chemistry, such as pharmaceutical or biotech firms face similar challenges: managing analytical methods and method development across multiple laboratories and growing units is often a non-transparent and bureaucratic business, slowing down the process and limiting the visibility of achievements, even among colleagues. The lack of a coherent system for storage, organization, formatting and even internal communication often has a negative impact on the efficiency of analytical work. Kemialytics built a platform, Kemialytics Cloud, to addresses these problems. This platform and its tools facilitate the analytical process and enable companies to exchange analytical information between different laboratories, promoting and sharing of existing and new methods. Kemialytics Cloud enables companies to digitize, manage and update analytical methods in order to increase access and visibility among colleagues and external partners, establishing a seamless and efficient work process that saves time and costs at the entire company level. To ensure all scientific standards are met our platform is GMP compliant as well as supporting GLP, ISO, HIPAA, FDA CFR 21 Part 11 and more. Kemialytics Cloud is a secure platform, which can run on your own server or intranet.


Aliz Kiss