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Making renewable energy reliable is key to solving many of our current energy problems. With its clean energy solutions as the basis for a new industry standard, Siqens holds the key to this process.

Founded in Munich in 2012, Siqens is an innovative technology company that develops renewable energy solutions based on fuel cell technology. The highly motivated team works in a modern and open environment. Together, the management and executive team has more than 55 years of expertise in the fuel cell industry and more than 40 years of management experience.

Siqens fuel cell Ecoport 800 is designed for facilitating renewable energy solutions in the off-grid market by adding a clean and reliable source of energy. The volatility of wind and sun necessitates back-up systems. Because of pollution and noise issues diesel gensets are becoming less acceptable and the desire for a reliable replacement is growing fast. Siqens’ contribution to this dynamic and growing market segment is their highly innovative and customer-optimized power generator Ecoport 800.

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