Insulation 4.0 - The new generation of insulation materials


SUMTEQ GmbH is a high-tech start-up company founded in Cologne in 2014 with the goal of manufacturing and marketing SUMFOAM - an innovative, nanoporous high-performance material.

Two of the managing partners of the GmbH are Dr. Alexander Müller and Dr. Roland Oberhoffer. Both founders decided to leave the know-how gained in the course of their doctorate at the Physical-Chemical Institute of the University of Cologne for the production of SUMFOAM and the underlying promising technology not only as written words in the dissertations, but to develop them further and bring them to market readiness.

They were supported by their supervisor and co-founder Prof. Strey. Michael Hoffmann was integrated from day one and complements the founding team with his many years of professional experience in consulting and industry, especially in the areas of finance, strategy and organizational development.

The SUMTEQ team consists of complementary, goal-oriented, conscientious and yet spontaneous lateral thinkers for whom "problems" are called "challenges" and for whom the goal, the solution of customer needs, is in the foreground.


ACHEMA-Gründerpreis 2015