About EQuota Energy

EQuota Energy is committed to providing users with the world’s leading smart energy management solutions. As an AI and big data-driven energy technology startup, it services the users at every stage covering both the energy supply and the demand side in the entire industrial chain. From energy efficiency optimization, operation & maintenance monitoring, to carbon emission management, energy planning, electricity trading services, micro-grid services, and others. EQuota Energy has partnered with Shell, General Electric, Wanda Group, New World Group, Huaneng Group and other renowned corporations in the industry.

The core team members of EQuota Energy are MIT graduates with excellent R&D capabilities. It operates on advanced AI algorithm models and big data technologies. EQuota Energy is renowned in the fields of energy management predictive model, deconstruction analysis, and abnormal diagnosis. It is also one of the first companies to apply NILM (non-intrusive load monitoring) technology to the energy optimization field. It reduces energy consumption through system optimization without changing users’ hardware.

EQuota Energy is driving the smart energy transition through innovation and technologies for a low carbon future.

Facts about EQuota Energy
  • Founding: 2014
  • Focus : Service
  • Industry : Other

Product portfolio of EQuota Energy

Product portfolio

Energy Management Software

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