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Sunfire strives to become the leading European manufacturer of electrolysers and by this a key player in the field of renewable hydrogen, gases and fuels. Sunfire develops and manufactures steam-electrolysers (SOEC). They produce hydrogen or syngas using renewable electricity. Hydrogen can be used in industrial applications, e.g. refineries and steel plants, without further processing. Syngas can be converted to “e-fuels” and “e-gases” via synthesis processes to substitute crude oil or natural gas. The reverse process of the electrolysis, the high-temperature fuel cell (SOFC), complements Sunfire’s product offering. High-temperature fuel cells are used to produce power and heat particularly efficiently based on cogeneration in residential buildings or remote locations.

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    Sunfire acquires Swiss alkaline electrolysis company IHT

    Sunfire has taken over IHT Industrie Haute Technology SA, a Monthey, Switzerland-based alkaline electrolysis company. With this acquisition, the Dresden based leader in green hydrogen continues to expand its portfolio to include high-pressure alkaline water electrolysis. The technology prov ... more

    Renewable fuels from CO2 & water using 100% renewable electricity

    Norsk e-Fuel AS, the new European industry consortium headquartered in Oslo, has announced to industrialize Power-to-Liquid technology (PtL) in Norway for the European Market. The new state-of-the-art project will allow the conversion of Norway’s extensive renewable electricity resources in ... more