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CNM Technologies is a German company specializing in the development, production and marketing of carbon-based nanomembranes. Our research and development activities are located in Bielefeld, Germany.

Carbon-based membranes are unrivalled in their thinness: they can be produced with a single molecular layer and have a thickness of 1-5 nanometers. Thicker membranes can be produced by changing the starting materials or by overlaying several individual membranes. Our membranes can be used in various applications such as gas filtration and separation, liquid and radiation filtration, surface protection or as active components in sensors.

CNM Technologies has a broad patent portfolio that protects materials, manufacturing processes and end products. We work in a close network of development partnerships with prestigious institutes, universities and industrial laboratories in several European countries.

The company was founded in autumn 2011 in Bielefeld with the aim of further developing the results of many years of development activities within the universities of Heidelberg and Bielefeld into marketable products as part of a spin-off and thus creating a growth-oriented and technologically strong company.

In 2014, the circle of shareholders was expanded by the Bielefeld-Ostwestfalen start-up fund, thus creating a capital base for the further growth of the team and the development of marketable products. This year, two additional R&D employees were hired.

In 2015, we moved into new premises in Bielefeld, where the basis for further strengthening and successful introduction of our products in a variety of applications is now being laid. At the beginning of 2017, the company had a total of 6 employees.

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