About Drochaid Research Services

Over the past fifteen years we have built a unique critical mass of equipment and expertise. Our shared background means we are equipped to provide output of the highest quality efficiently, flexibly and reliably.. We have ten fully serviced, state of the art laboratories. We have judiciously built an external network with complementary skills and experience to our own. This, coupled with our co-location in the University of St Andrews means an even broader skill set can be exploited as required and agreed.

We can adapt our approach to meet your needs; we can carry out contract work, give access to our equipment or even help you build capability on your own sites. In all of this we can guarantee the highest standards of confidentiality.

Drochaid is the Scots Gaelic word for Bridge

With over 200 years of combined industrial experience we can span the technology readiness levels from invention to commercialisation, bringing you the right solutions at the right time By virtue of our unique location and extensive established networks we can connect industry and academia, allowing value to flow in both directions We have a track record of applying our formidable resources to straddle sectors including chemicals, energy, materials, biotechnology and the circular economy

Facts about Drochaid Research Services
  • Founding: 2018
  • Focus : Service
  • Industry : Chemistry

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