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We have a wide range of products in our portfolio that provide protection from hazardous materials and other risks, including high-performance chemical protective gloves, respiratory protection, eye and face protection, chemical and radiation protective clothing, as well as safety footwear, hearing protection and fall protection. With well-known brands such as Honeywell, Howard Leight, Miller, North, KCL and OTTER, Honeywell PPE has the broadest range of safety products and solutions on the market today.

Honeywell PPE today brings together decades of experience in the production of specialized protective equipment from all its brands and combines them in the strength of a single partner. On this basis, we serve our customers as a competent partner in the field of occupational safety. We offer not only high-quality and innovative protective equipment, but also comprehensive safety solutions that support both safety professionals and individual users in their daily work:

- Training on PPE from head to toe, standards and legal requirements, legally required instruction and height rescue training. - Documentation and consulting: Comprehensive PPE concept including on-site risk/hazard analysis support, detailed PPE plan, complete documentation of the PPE used in accordance with the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and regular revision - ChemPro® chemical database: over 350,000 hazardous substances with which our protective gloves have been tested to provide precise permeation times and recommend products according to specific hazardous substance and area of application

With 110,000 employees in 970 locations, Honeywell PPE has a vast network of high performance manufacturing and development capabilities, and the best conditions for world-class service and support.

- Over 100 years of innovation at Honeywell - 18,000 engineers and 9,000 software developers - Trusted security brands protecting more than 500 million users worldwide - Global industrial safety R&D centers in North America, China and 7 EU countries - 12 manufacturing sites in EMEA (6 in France, 2 in Germany) - Safety through technology-driven innovation - Materials science - innovation through new materials, composition and coatings - Industrial design - world-class design for user and customer experience - The future of safety - "Connected Worker" and Safety Suite web application

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