About Lock and Key Biosciences

Our Vision: ​Lock & Key Biosciences GmbH aims to empower the fine chemical industry with innovative and practical biocatalytic technologies of unprecedented reactivity and efficiency. We have gathered the skills and assets to rapidly transform cutting-edge discoveries into ready-to-use biocatalytic methods for chiral synthesis. ​ Producing enzymes, or any protein of interest for that matter, has its own challenges. While recombinant protein expression is a standardised tool, using it to produce toxic proteins is difficult. Additionally, many proteins may aggregate when produced at non-physiological levels, hampering yields. Improving yields, purity or even unlocking access to previously unobtainable POIs can accelerate and enhance biological or biochemical research and applications. ​ Lock & Key Biosciences GmbH is working to arm scientists with the tools and methods to help express and isolate challenging POIs. We are developing novel expression systems using our decades of experience handling proteins, to complement routine expression protocols in E. coli.

We adapt and license our technologies to fit your specific needs, and we also conduct tailored biocatalytic syntheses. The abilities of our exclusive technologies are showcased in our portfolio of chiral products, available for purchase.

Facts about Lock and Key Biosciences
  • Founding: 2019
  • Focus : Service
  • Industry : Biotechnology, Chemistry

Product portfolio of Lock and Key Biosciences

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