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HydroGraph Clean Power Inc., previously known as Carbon-2D Graphene Inc., is a Vancouver based company that was formed in 2017 to fund and commercialize a green, cost-effective process to manufacture quality graphene in bulk and to create customized graphene solutions for specific applications. The detonation method to produce graphene was discovered by Kansas State University (KSU) and patented in 2016. Acetylene and oxygen were pumped into a chamber and detonated with a spark from a spark plug to create quality graphene in gram amounts. The detonated graphene is synthetic graphene produced via the KSU method, as opposed to exfoliating graphene from naturally occurring graphite using a process called liquid phase exfoliation (LPE).

Later it was discovered that syngas could be produced from the same process. Methane and oxygen were pumped into a chamber and detonated by a spark from a spark plug to produce syngas. Through a secondary process called membrane separation, pure hydrogen was extracted out. The KSU methods for the production of graphene and hydrogen are similar, starting with different feedstocks, albeit both hydrocarbon gases, yet ending up with completely different end products. HydroGraph has received an exclusive worldwide license from KSU to commercialize their patented detonation process to produce graphene and by extension, hydrogen gas.

Facts about HydroGraph Clean Power
  • Founding: 2017
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Chemistry

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