About Lab. Instruments

Our team is made up of chemists, pharmacists, educators, and experts in instrumental chemical analysis as well as technical assistance specialists who have been working for many years in related scientific disciplines.

We are a lively and dynamic team, made up of youthful, ambitious and highly motivated people. We are thinkers, travellers, health fanatics, environmentalists, and hard workers: an innovative, competitive, skilled, and efficient “small company”.

We started in 1984 as a focused commercial business operating in the sector of scientific equipment and consumer products for chemical and clinical-chemical laboratories supply. Our partners amassed experience working in chemical and clinical-chemical labs, both at universities and hospitals; they also worked as product specialists in companies producing scientific equipment. This empowered us to offer practical support and efficient after-sales services, and garnered great customer satisfaction, trust and reliability in our work.

Our core strengths boast skill-sets specific to chemical-instrumental analysis of micro pollutants, with a robust knowledge of this sector’s laws and quality procedures. We also possess a keen ability to understand the latent needs of the market, and a unique versatility in adapting to and accommodating customer demand.

We are the forerunners in creating “Ready-to-use” kits, containing multi-component mixtures of hundreds of standard pesticides: they are useful for the calibration of highly technological scientific equipment (GCMSMS, GCHRMS, LCMSMS, LCHRMS, LCFTMS, etc.). We have been the first to use, in the industrial field, a “universal” quantitative analytical technique, i.e., the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (1HqNMR),

Facts about Lab. Instruments
  • Founding: 1984
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Chemistry

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