About KD Pumpen

Pumps are the centerpiece of every process plant. However, they often do not work satisfactorily due to incorrect design, incorrect applications or complex process requirements. In the environmental and waste disposal industry in particular, “sludge pumps” have to deal with extremely high levels of wear and tear from solids in the pumped medium.

Grass, stone and sand grains, silage or paper as part of the pumping media- too much solid content brings pumps to the limits of what was previously possible.

Let’s say goodbye to high wear and tear rates for sludge pumps! With patented technology, sustainability concepts and digitization, KD Pumpen extends the life cycle of pumps, conserves resources and makes process optimization possible with its own “Sludge Pumps” for the environmental industry. Saving resources is a top priority at KD Pumpen.

We want to make pump technology more efficient and durable. As a result, we are pushing the limits of what was previously technically possible wherever solid contents in the pumping media are part of everyday life and pose daily challenges for plant operators. We offer solutions for all aspects of “wear-intensive pumps” and arm pumps for heavy-duty applications in the industry.

Facts about KD Pumpen
  • Founding: 2019
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Employees: 1-10
  • Industry : Production technology

Product portfolio of KD Pumpen

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