About Pyxis Discovery

Pyxis Discovery provides chemistry-based lead discovery services to companies that are active in small molecule drug discovery.

Our Smart Approach for designing and selecting screening compound libraries, which is based on the principles of leadlikeness, facilitates a rapid and efficient lead discovery process, yielding lead compounds with excellent pharmacological profiles.

Recently Pyxis Discovery launched Chemonaut, a compound sourcing platform which enables you to search an online database with the compound offerings of more than 50 vendors.

A unique feature of the Chemonaut database is that the screening compound structures are filtered for leadlikeness. More than 70 structural filters are used, ensuring that now everybody can have access to a huge high quality database and compound collection, consisting of almost 5 million unique screening compounds and 900,000 unique building blocks.

Facts about Pyxis Discovery
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  • Industry : IT

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