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LabCognition, Analytical Software GmbH & Co. KG

Customer support and satisfaction are our top priority

LabCognition provides end customers with powerful and flexible web-based and desktop spectroscopic software solutions. Data acquisition, evaluation and management of analytical and spectroscopic data (UV/VIS/IR/NIR/RAMAN, etc.) are the main targets. Many additional modules are available, e.g. IR/Raman spectrum interpretation, reaction monitoring, color analysis, multivariate calibration (PLS, MLR) or library searching. They assist the customer to solve individual problems in their every day work. We offer custom module development services and instrument control to provide you with tailored solutions.

OEM partnerships are welcome! We are partnering e.g. with instrument manufacturers on OEM basis. We are providing you with missing high.level software components to your existing software and hardware in order to increase the benefits of your products for end customers.

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