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For BASF Spain is of particular importance as a present and future market. As early as 1911, after early commercial contacts at the end of the nineteenth century, BASF became known in our country with its first dyestuffs and auxiliary chemical products.

The setting up of BASF Española S.L. in 1966 afforded us our own identity and with the acquiring of land in the industrial area of Tarragona we started to build modern manufacturing plants, which would later be extended. Over the years this petrochemical complex has become one of the most important production centres for BASF in Europe and the only one with an exit point on the Mediterranean coast.

Through the acquisition of shares in different companies and by creating new organisations, BASF has consistently increased its presence in Spain in a variety of sectors within industry and agriculture.

Some of the outstanding projects carried out in recent years that have marked the future development of our integrated production centre in Tarragona include the new Basell polypropylene plant, the BASF SONATRACH PropanChem S.A propane dehydrogenation plant, a joint venture between BASF Española S.L. and SONATRACH, the energy supply plant and the enlargement of the tank park at the port.

BASF currently markets its extensive range of products in Spain through seven companies, six of which have their own manufacturing centres. Our company group has a workforce of over 2000 people. In all our areas of activity we place a strong emphasis on quality, safety, occupational health and the environment, all within the framework of the company’s activity backed by its Commitment to Progress.

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