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UBE is a diversified manufacturer with a core focus on the chemicals sector. Its chemicals are utilized in diverse applications ranging from articles for daily use to advanced applications for the aerospace industry. Our chemicals can be found in everything from digital consumer electronics and household goods to automotive parts and pharmaceuticals. From UBE´s birthplace Ube City in Yamaguchi Prefecture - Japan in 1897 , nowadays about 11.000 people are working for the UBE Group around the world. In Europe, the group started its operations nearly 50 years ago. Its annual turnover for the latest audited fiscal year totals €381 million (2020), which is almost three times the figure obtained a decade ago. The company made an accumulated investment of €347 million between the period 1994 and 2020, which makes it one of the leading industrial groups in the chemical sector in the European Union. Our production / office locations in Europe are based in Spain (UBE Corporation S.A. Unipersonal) and Germany (UBE Europe GmbH). From Europe, our company delivers various product lines like Caprolactam (the raw material for nylon or Polyamide 6), Ammonium sulfate and UBESOL 45, a widely used granular fertilizer. The company also produces 1,6-Hexanediol, 1,5-Pentanediol, Polycarbonatediols and markets other fine chemicals. We have specialized to become a producer of Polyamide 6, 12 and Copolyamides, which are used in the manufacture of film for food packaging, monofilaments, automotive components and engineering consumer products. Moreover we are marketing more than 200 high technology products of the group in Europe, Africa & Middle East. These include machinery, synthetic rubber for the tyre industry, electronic ceramic components, High-purity Silicon Nitride Powder, SiC Fiber, Gas Separation Membranes, UPILEX ® polyimide products, etc.

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  • Industry : Chemistry

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