About ibi

Ibi is present on the Italian market with a variety of products ranging from sterile penicillin to food supplements. It has long been well reputed for its products in the areas of antibiotic therapy and gastroenterology. A network of highly qualified scientific informers enables Ibi to work with 4000 pharmacies and 3000 specialists.

In addition to its tradition and quality, today Ibi is proud of its innovative laboratories and expert researchers, able to offer new services in the fields of Biotechnology and Nano-medicine, especially in the development of processes for the production of recombinant proteins in cGMP and in the planning and production of new delivery systems. Years of experience in formulation studies, in the development of production processes and in industrial scale-up enable Ibi to face the new challenges on the pharmaceutical market with confidence.

Ibi produces its products in conformity with the regulations of the European Pharmacopoeia and the cGMP norms. It is, in addition, certified by the most demanding Health Authorities: AIFA, FDA, TGA and MCA.

Facts about ibi
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Chemistry

Here you will find ibi Istituto Biochimico Italiano