About Metalor Technologies

Metalor is a Swiss-based global independent company (part of the Tanaka Group) working in the precious metal fields that was created in 1852 with subsidiaries in 17 countries (in Europe, Americas and Asia) and more than 1500 employees; the company has 3 business groups, each corresponding to a group of specific markets: Refining, Advanced Coatings & Electrotechnics.

Our mission is to provide high quality products and services that exceed the expectations of our customers while applying irreproachable ethic principles and promoting sustainable practices all along our activity.

In this respect, one of our basic goals is to ensure a robust and traceable supply chain for all precious metals sourcing. We implement due-diligence processes and comply with the highest international standards, both legal and ethical. We are a founding member of the Swiss Better Gold Association and are actively involved in promoting the formalization process of artisanal gold producers.

Metalor products and services do serve a wide range of industries that use them in a multitude of applications that decidedly contribute to have a more advance and sustainable world. We put innovation at the heart of our corporate culture; we develop solutions to meet their needs in their various domains of activity. Our objective is to establish transparent and long-term relationships with all our customers and suppliers.

Our employees are our strength. The competence of our workforce worldwide is what contributes to keep and further enhance the high standard of all Metalor's products and services. We endeavour to create a safe working environment for all our employees and offer the opportunity to progress where possible. We strive to advocate and offer equal opportunity for all. Metalor takes its responsibility towards the environment and sustainability very seriously. We work to lessen the environmental impact of our business practises.

Facts about Metalor Technologies
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Chemistry

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