About NBD Nanotechnologies

NBD stands for “Namib Beetle Design” as our company was inspired by the Namib Desert Beetle, an insect that is able to harvest fog in the desert by alternating hydrophobic and hydrophilic regimes on its back. This beetle has evolved to drink 12% of its weight in water via mastering surface wettability to thrive in the desert. With the same spirit, NBD mastered surface wettability to solve a wide range of commercial problems. Through our robust and proprietary technology platform, NBD has unprecedented ability to customize liquid wettability through either direct integration to polymers or through chemically grafted monolayers on oxide surfaces. Because our technology platform is so robust we can work with virtually any substrate and durably impart any surface wetting functionality.

NBD will work with partners to solve any of their surface wettability needs. If you believe your company can benefit from our myriad of technology solutions, please reach us in the contact page. To learn further about our proprietary state of the art solutions please read the technology pages of the website. NBD looks forward to working with you to create high value add enhancement to your products.

Facts about NBD Nanotechnologies
  • Industry : Chemistry

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