"With our alternative drying technology, we bring innovation to your process"

Drying safely, quickly and gently - this is the motto of Harter from Stiefenhofen in the Allgäu region. Harter is an owner-managed company that has been developing, manufacturing and selling energy-saving drying systems for industry for over 25 years.

The specially developed CONDENSATION DRYING BASED ON HEAT PUMPS is an efficient solution in all questions of drying and thus process optimization. With Airgenex® CONDENSATION DRYING and its system variants AIRGENEX®med and AIRGENEX®food, products made of metal, glass and plastic, metal strips, plastic foils and thin liquid films on surfaces or organic products such as wood, food and feed at low temperatures between 20 ° and Dried gently and stress-free at 90 ° C. Through the use of extremely dry air and an individually adapted air flow, very short drying times are achieved with high-quality drying results. The integrated HEAT PUMP TECHNOLOGY ensures maximum efficiency in the drying process. The drying always takes place in a closed system and is therefore completely independent of the climate. This ensures maximum process reliability. This process is suitable for every type of process.

With Drymex® - SLUDGE DRYERS, pre-dewatered sludges and substrates are dried, their weight and volume reduced by up to 60% and the disposal costs accordingly. Harter maintains an in-house technical center for carrying out drying tests.

Facts about HARTER
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Employees: 51-200
  • Industry : Production technology

Product portfolio of HARTER

Product portfolio

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