About PCAS

By adhering to the “Progress Agreement” (Engagement de progrès) of the french UIC and Responsible Care program in Quebec, PCAS has demonstrated a clear commitment and engagement in sustainable development.

As a leading fine chemicals european manufacturer and responsible company, it is essential for the Management of PCAS that such values are shared by all our employees, and a general policy has been applied at all production sites in France, Finland and Quebec.

The Group’s SHE policy is integrated in rationale processes with a continuous performance improvement and monitoring of indicators by a management committee.

As part of its waste-control management systems, PCAS systematically proceeds with an impact assessment for all products as regards safety, health and environmental issues.

A multi-cultural industrial experience has been shared to develop appropriate systems and procedures, that can be implemented on each site based on local constraints.

The integration of VLG Chem was a major step towards ISO-14001 qualification.

PCAS is actively participating and following-up on the regular evolutions of European regulatory standards. Such changes are implemented by our internal experts in relation with national and European agencies.

Facts about PCAS
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Chemistry

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