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nanopool® GmbH, located in Schwalbach-Hülzweiler (Germany), is an innovative family business. Since 2001, it belongs to the businesses which deal with nanotechnology in the surface refinement field. nanopool® has accomplished to develop a surface refinement for nearly every field of application. This innovation will have a positive impact on many facets of work life. All of the nanopool® products are based on the state-of-the-art scientific insights of nanotechnological research. The effectiveness of the environment-friendly, food-safe products was tested by accredited research laboratories and supported by certificates.

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    Nanopool GmbH to Massively Expand their Presence in China

    High-performance coatings "made in Germany" protect buildings and industrial facilities - patented products considerably reduce cleaning costs Nanopool GmbH now also aspires the Chinese market with their products for a multi-functional surface protection, which are already established in Eu ... more

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