GALAB is a company with core competences in analysis and separation technology. GALAB offers analytical services, contract research services and proprietary tools (AffiSep, AffiSpin, GlycoCleave) for the Health Care, Food and Biopharmaceutical Industry.

After more than ten years of experience in business and a continuous improvement and extension of our competences GALAB has today acquired an outstanding market position. This is mainly based on our highly qualified staff, high-technological instrumentation and on the constant development of new analytical methods and tools. GALAB demonstrates a high capability to adapt to ever-changing demands and advanced technical requirements, without losing its basic principles and beliefs.

Our special attention is addressed to product quality and product safety that we achieve by continuous improvement and scientific research. A sophisticated in-house quality assurance system, the monitoring of our products and techniques, and an extensive documentation guarantee a highest degree of reproducibility and reliability.

Based on its expert know-how and constant research activities GALAB has over the years developed a wide range of proprietary applications, platform tools and methods to meet its customers needs. GALAB offers a variety of solutions for companies with the aim to improve the chemical composition of existing goods, to optimize production processes or to develop new pharmaceuticals. As a result of reliable high-level services, customized solutions and high-quality products, our clients include multinational food companies, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. Our customers have trust in the quality of our products that fulfill their needs. We are permanently aware of new demands and issues and the actual technical progress in order to assure the improvement of our products.

Facts about GALAB
  • Founding: 1992
  • Focus : Laboratory
  • Industry : Contract laboratories

Product portfolio of GALAB

Product portfolio

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