About Omnilabo International

Omnilabo International B.V. (founded in 1970) is a whole seller on laboratory consumables, chromatography and life science who uses her knowledge and experience for delivering an optimal service level to her customers. Omnilabo distinguishes herself from other suppliers on the market because she made an explicit choice for a strong focus on a high service level and order support. The Customer Support department is the centre of the company and exists of 11 well-trained employees. Their job is to support the customers in the total order process (selection, advise and delivery). Together with the customer they succeed to deliver a well-balanced total package, this to make sure that an improvement in internal order processing and cost savings can be reached on a customer level. Omnilabo also has specific knowledge centres on chromatography (including an own Technical Support department) life sciences and support a large package of all kinds of medical products. We have an own warehouse at our branch in Breda at our disposal through which we can adapt flexible to specific logistic needs of our customers and through which we keep watch over our total service level daily.

Facts about Omnilabo International
  • Focus : Distributor
  • Industry : Laboratory equipment / supplies

Product portfolio of Omnilabo International

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