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Amandus Kahl GmbH & Co. KG

We adapt our machines to your product and not the other way around

KAHL process technology for compacting, pelleting, and shaping

The Kahl policy for the pelleting of powdery, lumpy, or pasty products is

"to adapt the machine to the product".

Pelleting with KAHL presses is an economic alternative to considerably more expensive processes. Optimum design of each pelleting plant is achieved as a result of different product tests and analyses carried out at our pilot plant. Due to the versatility of equipment of the KAHL pelleting plants, we are able to meet the special requirements of our customers. For example the pelleting of:

In the last years more than 5000 products have been pelleted successfully in the KAHL pilot plant. In the following some examples: Catalysts, Vulcanizationaccelerators, Tablets, Vitamin C instant, Pharmaceutical products, Graphite, Pigments, Stearates, Plastics powder, waste, Fertilizers, Washing agent, Activated carbon additives, Sludges, Talc, RDF, Wood, Waste tyres etc.

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