About Finnish Chemicals

Finnish Chemicals is a global supplier of chemical solutions and intermediates to broad range of customers including those in the Pulp and Paper, Life Sciences, Chemical, Crop Protection and Water Treatment industries. The Group's manufacturing operations are located in Finland and the USA and we serve markets across the globe. Finnish Chemicals' core manufacturing technologies of electrochemistry, complex reactions of hazardous materials including chlorine, hydrogen, sodium and other metals are complemented by a strong commitment to innovative research and development.

A key element in Finnish Chemicals approach is its commitment to the environment, safety of its workforce and customers together with the quality of its products and operations. The Group's management processes and systems in these areas have been certified by Det Norske Veritas and the company remains an enthusiastic and active supporter of the world's chemical industry Responsible Care® programme.

Finnish Chemicals' sites in Finland are Äetsä, Joutseno and Kuusankoski, and in the USA Eastover, SC and Augusta, GA.

Kemira acquired 100% ownership of Finnish Chemicals 1.April, 2005. Please read more about Kemira Pulp&Paper at Kemira Group's web-pages.

Facts about Finnish Chemicals
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Chemistry

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