About Finnplast

Finnplast Oy is a Finnish company located in Porvoo. Finnplast is a fully owned subsidiary of the International Petrochemical Group S.A. (IPCG). The company produces polyvinylchloride (PVC).

The PVC plant, located at the Kilpilahti industrial area and owned by Finnplast, started its operations in March 1972 under the name Pekema Oy. In 1979 Neste Oy acquired Pekema Oy and the PVC-plant became a part of the Neste’s chemical industry, which was later formed to Neste Chemicals. Neste Chemicals exited from the PVC business in 1995 by selling the business to Rovin (a Shell-Akzo JV) and a 10 year Tolling Agreement was signed with Rovin. In year 2000 Rovin was sold to Shin-Etsu, and the tolling agreement was continued with Shin-Etsu. This agreement expired on 31 December 2005 •In year 2000 Neste Chemicals was sold and merged with Dyno and Dynea Chemicals Oy was formed. Dynea Chemicals Oy sold the PVC-plant to Finnplast Oy in October 2005 and •Finnplast Oy started its operations.

Facts about Finnplast
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Chemistry

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