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Advanced Research in Chemistry (ARC) B.V. was established in 1987 with the main objective to commercialize unique scientific and manufacturing knowledge from universities and industries in chemical products and related life science activities. The company tries to solve problems for our clients or potential clients by combining processes, products, applications, markets, knowledge, expertise with creative solutions. In 1987 we started with Leiden University synthesis and marketing of stable isotopes and carbohydrates. In 1995 we became the Cambridge Isotope Laboratories representative in Benelux and in 1998 we obtained the representation of MCD computer software. In the period 1988/1990 we were appointed director of a Netherlands chemical enterprise, which we turned around in this period, appointed a new director and arranged sale of this company to a pharmaceutical and chemical enterprise. I n 1988, we have been invited to support the organizations in the Russian and USSR ministries of Science to help them in commercializing their science knowledge. In 1991 this relation was not workable anymore and we decided to go ahead on our own, building networks with top academicians and industrial chemical production plants in Russia. In 1995 we organized our stable isotopes and lab-products activities in ARC Laboratories B.V. and we organized in ARC Technologies B.V. our activities in sourcing and our Russian activities and industrial products. In 2001 we decided to sell our laboratory activities and concentrate on our ARC Technologies B.V. activities. Due to the growth of, and subsequent changes in supply and demand in the last 5 years period, our board decided to concentrate efforts on activities and business related to the developments taking place on the Chinese continent. Decisions were taken to sell the activities of our ARC Technologies B.V. subsidiary company at the end of 2005 and we decided on collaboration with diversified enterprises, locally active in China and very well introduced in Europe and United States, with the purpose to concentrate our activities to the efficient and concentrated supply of Chinese chemical innovative specialty products to other areas of the world and to create opportunities for the chemical enterprises in other parts of the world to market their specialties in China. In 2006, we are reorganizing our website, to present our new goals, objectives and sourcing activities.

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