INEOS is a global manufacturer of petrochemicals, specialty chemicals and oil products. It comprises 19 businesses each with a major chemical company heritage. Our production network spans 73 manufacturing facilities in 19 countries throughout the world.

We believe INEOS is characterized by the following strengths:

* High-quality and low-cost production facilities * Well-invested plants o Large plants that benefit from economies of scale o Favourable locations * Experienced management * Leading market positions * Operating diversity - products, customers, geographic regions, applications and end-use markets

Our leading market positions allow us to be the supplier of choice for many of the largest customers in our markets. This has translated into strong and long-term relationships with these customers.

Our objective is to continue growing our profitability and cash flows through:

* Leveraging existing resources to expand sales * Achievement of cost savings * Extracting the full benefits of a vertically integrated business

Our management philosophy is to operate a simple and decentralized organizational structure, coupled with programmes intended to incentivize our employees.

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  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Chemistry

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