About KEMA

How will the demand for power develop over the years ahead? How do I best balance the risk of equipment failure against maintenance or capital replacement choices? Do these components or household appliances comply with the standards? Answering questions such as these is KEMA’s core business. All around the world, liberalization and restructuring are proceeding apace. Internationalization and liberalization are closely associated with heightened pressure to operate power networks as economically as possible – without compromising reliability. This in turn necessitates efficiency improvements and investment policies targeted on the operational, tactical and strategic levels. KEMA is intensively involved in these processes as an energy consultant and a specialist in testing and certification.

Established in 1927, KEMA is a commercial enterprise, specializing in high-grade business and technical consultancy, inspections and measurement, testing and certification. Much of the company’s work centers round innovative technology. As an independent organization, KEMA supports clients concerned with the supply and use of electrical power and other forms of energy. KEMA has a high-end reputation as a testhouse for the famous Dutch KEMA-KEUR and tens of other quality marks. Furthermore, the company’s consultants provide technical solutions, strategic advice and insight into financial implications on all kinds of energy issues. KEMA tailors its services to clients’ needs and often implements solutions on clients’ behalf. Quality and reliability are integral to all KEMA’s activities. In its 75 years in the utility business, KEMA has provided energy consulting and technology implementation expertise to some 500 utilities in 70 countries around the world. One of the things that make KEMA unique is the way it combines utility business management and technical skills in helping companies to improve the management of their assets.

Facts about KEMA
  • Focus : Service
  • Industry : Production technology

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