About InnoCore Technologies

InnoCore is an innovative drug delivery company located in The Netherlands. We serve the medical device and pharmaceutical industry with advanced polymeric drug delivery systems. Our primary objective is to improve the performance and enhance the economic value of medical devices and pharmaceutical products by means of our SynBiosys™ drug delivery technologies. SynBiosys™ technologies are based on bioresorbable multi-block copolymers with tailorable chemical, physical and degradation properties. SynBiosys™ offers optimal control over the release characteristics of a variety of drugs, in particular peptides and small to medium sized molecules. SynBiosys™ is protected by several patents.

SynBiosys™ can be used in various configurations for site-specific and systemic drug delivery, including drug eluting coatings on medical devices and injectable depot formulations (gels, microspheres and implants).

We offer the development of tailor-made formulations with the desired release profile for your drug molecule. Other services include process development, regulatory support and GMP-manufacturing of ((pre-) clinical) batches.

Facts about InnoCore Technologies
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Chemistry

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