About Meroil

Meroil, S.A. operates a network of more than 200 fuel service stations throughout Spain. The company offers gasoline; unleaded petrol; diesel; gas oil for heating, agricultural vehicles and machinery, and ships and ports; biodiesel for use in various diesel vehicles; and synthetic engine lubricants. Meroil, S.A. also offers other products, such as brake fluids, windscreen cleaning fluids, hydraulic fluids for brakes and clutches, fluids for power steering and automatic transmission, multi-purpose sprays, dashboard cleaner sprays, and anticorrosive liquids for refrigeration circuits. The company supplies gasoline and gas oils for automation, industry, naval fleets, and agricultural associations. The fuel storage plant located in Barcelona has a capacity of 1000000 m3 which is the second largest in Spain.

Facts about Meroil
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Chemistry

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