About Esquim


which is a 100% Spanish Company that produces chemical specialities, mainly based on silicone, for a lot of applications (detergents, coatings and paints, cosmetic, plastic, textile, composites, moulding, electronic, paper, construction, water treatment plants, home and auto care, lubricants, etc.).

Here you have a little summary of our wide range of products :

• 2-component Silicone Elastomers (RTV-2 for moulding , composites and encapsulating) • Antifoaming agents based on silicone (for detergents, textile, water treatment plants, foodstuffs, rubber, etc.) • Silicone-free Antifoaming agents (for coatings, paints, inks, paper and textile) • Silicone Emulsions and microemulsions (release agents, cosmetic, textile ,etc.) • Silicone-free emulsions (carnauba wax emulsions, polyethylene wax emulsions, etc.) • Silicone water repellents and resins (for construction and coatings) • 1-component Silicone Elastomers (sealants for construction) • Silicone and non silicone additives for coatings and paints • Silicone additives for personal care • Silicone greases and pastes • Silicone fluids and modified-silicone fluids • Release Agents • Silanes • Liquid stabilisers for the PVC industry

Nowadays we are exporting our products to many distributors in Europe, South-America and North-Africa

Facts about Esquim
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Chemistry

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