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As an independent private institute since 1990 we ensure our clients a recognised, qualified, and independent form of product analysis. We attach highest importance to a kind of service that respects the particular demands of our client’s assignment, like – for example – microbiological and chemical incoming goods inspections, materials inspection, and product control measures in food processing plants, hygiene and food regulatory controls in food wholesale and retail through standardised processes, as well as innovative support for the development or implementation and training of quality management systems. For all these tasks bilacon – with its 180 employees at three locations – represents the ideal choice.

We ensure comprehensive expertise in execution and consultancy, even for related fields of testing, by our affiliation with the Tentamus Group. As a member of Tentamus and in conjunction with its other subsidiaries bilacon constitutes a full-service provider for all fields of external food quality control.

Facts about bilacon
  • Focus : Laboratory
  • Industry : Laboratory analysis / Laboratory measurement technology

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Product portfolio

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