About Rot Química

Rot Quimica is a company dedicated to the production and commercialization of Caustic Potash and its derivatives.

For 30 years, it has provided its customers with world class quality products Rot Quimica is committed to safeguarding the safety and health of employees and neighboring communities, upholding high standards of safety in all its operations.

Rot Química is a Mexican company, founded in 1977. Its main line is the manufacture of Potassium hydroxide and its derivates. We cover the national market and, since 1984, we export to the United States and South America.

Our plant is located in El Carmen, Nuevo Leon, a town located some 40 miles from Monterrey, Mexico

In our plant, we produce Potassium Hydroxide and Chlorine. The Potassium Hydroxide, we offer as a 47% solution and as 90% flakes. Part of the Potassium Hydroxide is transformed into Potassium Carbonate which we offer in two different presentations: light and dense. The Chlorine is processed to get hydrochloric acid and Sodium Hypochlorite.

From the very beginning, Rot Quimica adopted a philosophy of offering a high, world class, quality service to all our customers in both the national and the international market.

This service is focused on three important factors:

1.ATTENTION: We have developed long standing commercial relationships with our customers that are still growing through our many years of history. 2. QUALITY: We make a day to day effort to keep the quality of our products up to the most demanding standards.

3. ON TIME DELIVERY: We keep adequate inventories to meet our customer's punctual requirements.

Facts about Rot Química
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Chemistry

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